We want to recreate our successful past performance and we are innovating in the localization of present modern methods so that we can build up a path for strong business relationships.


EBTEKARJAM Investment Development Group (PJS) was established in 2003 with the registration number 213123 and aims to be efficient in the field of management and resources, to develop areas of activity through the establishment, integration and expansion of subsidiaries and has been created strategic partnerships with well-known domestic and overseas companies.
Considering the importance and necessity of investing in different economic areas as a major factor in launching and developing infrastructure projects, as well as the special attention of investors over the last two decades to Iran as an attractive hub and with economically justified projects , this group is proud to utilize successful experiences in interacting with domestic and foreign investors and making effective communication with reputable international monetary and financial corporations and institutions, enabling and facilitating the use of monetary and financial resources and facilities within the framework of the rules and regulations of Iran.




Ebtekrjam Trading

Ferdows Fadak


Formation of independent subsidiaries for purposeful investment and optimal management of assets in order to maximize the benefit of shareholders and stakeholders;

Investment management through the management and empowerment of the holding subsidiaries in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, construction, industrial, mining and trade in identifying and implementing innovative solutions in creating new opportunities for investment and access to financial resources;

Strategic development of human resources to create comprehensive, coherent and dynamic approaches to learning and enhancing the scientific and practical knowledge of the human capital of the subsidiaries in order to acquire the newest international knowledge;

Develop relationships with domestic and foreign companies and financial institutions to create synergies in order to create collaboration opportunities and attracting international financial resources;

Increasing of foreign trade by focusing on Asian consumer markets and developing relationships with reputable international companies to import the Know- how and machinery required by the domestic industries;

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